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Jungle Excursions


Inca Explorers offers different types of excursions to the jungle in southern Peru, in the Cusco region. Here there are two big nature reserves you can visit; the Manu Biosphere Reserve and the Tambopata - Candamo Reserve.


Manu National Park

Manu was declared a " World Heritage Site " and is acclaimed as the most undisturbed pristine tropical rain forest It's become the Mecca for all visitors who want to enjoy virgin Jungle. There is no other park in the world that compares to Manu in richness in species. Recently one thousand bird species were counted but there are more to be discovered.

The Park holds a world record of more than 16,000 plant species, not mentioning the largest concentration in the world of Jaguars, Giant Otters, Caimans, Monkeys, Anteaters, Tapir, Marmoset etc.

Our naturalist Inca Explorers guides will provide you with an insight into the complexities of a tropical rain forest, and reveal the diversity of the flora and fauna that exist there.

Please visit for more information about programmes to Manu.

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Situated on the banks of the the Tambopata river in the heart of the Tambopata-Candamo Reserve Zone (TCRZ), the remoteness and tranquility of our lodge makes for a richly rewarding visit to the rain forest.

The Tambopata-Candamo Reserve Zone is an immense 6,000 square kilometer protected area in the Southeastern state of Madre de Dios, Peru. Extensive surveys of the flora and fauna have been carried out up and down the Tambopata River valley revealing an incredible abundance of life forms. In fact the Southeastern rain forest of Peru is believed to be one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Here it is possible to observe groups of rare animals such as the Giant Otter, Collared Peccary, Tapir, Anaconda, Jaguar, Ocelot, Horned Currasow, etc. Which still lead an otherwise undisturbed existence.

The avifauna of the reserve is particularly rich boasting an incredible 590 species more species than can be found in the whole continent of the USA!

The Tambopata Macaw Clay-Lick, the biggest of its kind in the world, is just a few hours up river from our lodge. The area is particularly interesting for bird lovers allowing close-up views of hundreds of colorful parrots and macaws. For more detailed information on the lick and the TCRZ please refer to: National Geographic Magazine, January 1994.

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