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Excursions and Festivals in Peru

Apart from the Cusco region, the south Peru has a lot to offer. You can go on different excursions in Lima, Arequipa or Puno and the Titicaca Lake, or you can visit one of the traditional festivities in Peru.


Lima is the Capital City of Peru, founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535. The old area of Lima preserves the architecture and streets plans of Colonial times.

Lima has interesting museums, which collect the best remains from the old civilizations, and nearby pre-Inca ruins in Pachacamac (see photo).

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This Colonial City is known as the "White City " because of many buildings constructed of white volcanic rock.

Its best attraction is the COLCA CANYON (the deepest one in the world) where you have the chance to watch the flight of the Condors.

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"The Sacred Lake of the Incas" a natural wonder and birthplace of Millenary Cultures that developed on its shores. The Uros (floating reed islands), Taquile and Amantani Islands like others enchanting Islands keep vestiges of Temples, and agricultural terraces where local people maintain their traditional life style.

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For the best comprehension we consider three aspects; belief, folklore and art; which permit us to understand the importance and the role the traditional fiestas have on the Andean society.

Cusco, like any other Andean city, has a richness in culture like customs, festivities and others that identify a rich background and still survive in the Andean community.

Their beliefs and superstitions are the way they think, act and play a role in the cultural differences.

Traditional food and drinks are specialities like the roasted Guinea pig, millet soup, staff belt pepper and fermented corn drink.

The festivities are accompanied by typical clothes, typical music, (huaynos, jarawis, yayavis etc), played on typical music instruments like: flutes, pinkullos, whistles, horn, drums, tinyas, kirkinchos, guitars and harps.

Festivities calender 2007:

  • January 6th bajada de reyes (typical religious festival located in Ollantaytambo,
  • February 19th carnivals days located all over Peru,
  • April 10th - 14th Eastern Holy week located all over Peru,
  • Mayo 3th : Cruz Velacuy -  Fest of the Cross.
  • June 13th religious festival in honor to the lord Qoyllor Rit'y.
  • June 15th June traditional and religious festival named Corpus Christi where you can enjoy the typical dish Chiri Uchu, located in Cusco,
  • June 24th June Inty Raymi the Sun festival located in Cusco - Sacsayhuaman,
  • June 29th Ollantay Raymi a Tradicional fest worship to the Sun - Cusco
  • July 16th to 18th religious, folkloric festival in honor to worship the saint Virgen del Carmen, located in Paucartambo,
  • July 28th July traditional and folkloric festival named Yawar fiesta (blood festival) located in Cotabambas
  • August 1st Religious ceremony to Pachamama (mother earth) all over Peru,
  • September 14th religious and traditional festival in the honor to the Lord Huanca located in San Salvador,
  • December 24th religious festival named Santuranticuy (Jesus birth day).

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