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This is one of our personal favorites here at Inca Explorers. The key features of this excursions and the proximity to imposing, glaciated mountain and access to highland culture at its  most inspirational. In addition, your visit will bring much needed income directly into the comunities we will visit . Please see our project page in about us for further details of this region. If you like the austerity of high glaciated landscapes, with sustained hard walking revealing incredible views, then this trip is for you. It is average level  but very achievable by anyone who is acclimatized and used to hard hill walking. Of course, you will not be carrying your equipment which makes thing considerably easier.

Auzangate is clearly visible from Cusco but is actually around 60Km. distant. On the way we pass the gateway to the Cusco valley at Pikillacta before descending into  valley. The trek, earns its participant’s unparalleled views of the highest peaks in the Cusco region. However, we hope that the spiritual aspects of this area will interest you equally. Together with Salkantay to the north Auzangate represented powerful deities to The Incas, related to weather, fertility, healing, and wellfare. The area is still visited by shamans for special ceremonies. It is not unusual to see people making offerings as they cross the passes. The walk to Apu Ausangate, runs along the north face of Ausangate, one of the famous 3-day hikes for exploring glaciers and the circuit of the 7 lakes of Ausangate, Otorongo Lake  at ( 4,600 m) is located at the foot of the snow Mt. Ausangate, it is currently visited to perform their ceremonies and communicate with nature, it is a place where you can enjoy nature, its genetic diversity (flora and fauna andina), which is around it and its cultural diversity of experiences of the Andean people of Peru,  thermal baths conveniently located near Pajchanta at the end of the trip where we also enjoy a traditional pit barbecue.



 *A light day pack that should contain;

*Passport, ensure that it is valid for up to 6 months after returning from the country of visit

*Basic Personal Equipment.

*thermal underwear (quick dry)


 *a warm jacket or fleece type,

*a waterproof and breathable jacket,

 *a rain poncho, a pair of waterproof and warm gloves,

* excellent thermal socks,

 *a pair of leggings,  hiking pants

*a hat, scarf or sun hat,

*very good glasses with sun and glacier protection,

*a bottle or canteen for water , camera, protective clothing, snack and/or others that are necessary for you.

*you should wear a light and airy shoe, with good grip on different terrains, *recommended waterproof Gore-Tex trekking shoes,

*trekking poles with fine tips,

*A sleeping bag (comfort temperature -5° / -10° or -10°/-15° choose according to your comfort),

*a backpack with straps with a capacity of 30 to 40 liters, for the days of walking,

* a toiletry bag and a towel, toilet paper, a bathing suit for the hot springs,

*always carry your identity document (  Passport),  money,

*a photo or video camera.


Name of the Route: Mystical Ausangate Mt. Spiritual Trek

Location: Cordillera Vilcanota (Department. Cusco, Peru)

Duration: 3 days and 2 nights

Activity: Shamanism and Hiking

Difficulty: Level 2 - (average) hike 4-5 hours per day on trails, trails, or hilly trails.

Total Route: (8 - 10 Km/day approximately)

Starting point: Community of Pacchanta (Operating point of Inca Explorers Tour Operator)

Completion Point: Pacchanta Community

 Climate: Optimal (May to September), with the presence of rain (October to November), Extreme with the presence of rain, hail, snow (December to April)

 Temperature: -15C/+10C Minimum Altitude: 4 334 (Pacchanta Pueblo)

Maximum Altitude: 4,566 m (Azulcocha Camp)

Acclimatization Required: 2 Days in the ranges from 3,300 m to 4,000 m

 Fauna and Flora: Huallata, allkhamari, duck, llama, alpaca, sheep, wild vicuña, Andean condor, etc.




The shamanic and mystical expedition begins with the pick-up from the hotel of the walkers at 6:00 am to go to the community of Pacchanta , passing through different towns of interest. Once in Pacchanta all safety protocols will be met in order to guarantee everybody’s health.Our team will wait for us with an energetic breakfast, to then enjoy our time in the enchanting nature, visit local families and learn about the activities of agriculture and raising camelids to which local families are dedicated to. We will have our first meeting with a native shaman to get from first hand introducion on the importance on the Andean rituals, our conexión with Mother earth , ending with a guided meditation , connection with ourselves, nature and the Apus.
Afternoon we will enjoy a lunch complemented with organic and fresh vegetables that come from the bio-gardens grown in biogardens by local families.( see our social projects)
Later in the afternoon, the group will be welcomed to the Apu Ausangate, this will be done with a ceremony of offerings to the Apus. We will spend the night in a lodging in Pacchanta, B,L,D

Day 2


After and early nutritious breakfast, we will continue with our quiet tour scrutinizing the beautiful landscapes of the majestic snow-capped Ausangate, in it we will be able to familiarize ourselves with the wild flora and fauna (ducks, huallatas, vizcachas and small birds) and camelids ( alpacas, llamas, sheep),
The hike will be about 5 hours and will take you along the path where we will see the different lakes like Azulcocha, Otorongo, Pucacocha, Alqacocha y Q’omercocha. That’s not the only highlight; we will also view the snow covered peaks that surround this area. These include Ausangate (6834 m.), Mariposa or Butterfly (5842 m.), Jampa (5500 m.), Pucapunta ( 5740 m), Caracol or Snail mountain (5625 m.), Tinke (5300 m.) and the whole Qayangate chain of mountains.
Arriving at the Otorongo lagoon, we will have our ceremony on the shore of the Otorongo lagoon, finishing the ceremony, we will enjoy our tasty lunch, we will take a tour of the different lagoons (otorongo, Oq'uecocha, Pucacocha) and we will return to our Lodge in Pacchanta to enjoy our dinner and the hot springs.

Day 3


In the morning after breakfast , we will bid farewell to the beloved and majestic Ausangate, whose every step will take us away with memories and joys lived .

Tour plan information, in this information the details of the walk, orientations and some final recommendations will be announced according to the seasonal conditions, where the luggage will be received with its respective travel bag. This meeting takes place mostly the day before the start of the trek. Here you will meet your Tour Guide and your entire team. .

Private Tourism Transportation we pick you up from your hotel in Cusco to get to the starting point of the hike and the respective return at the end of the trek.

Professional guide ( Languages: Spanish, English, French , according to request)

Expert shaman with deep knowledge of shamanism, spiritual healing, offerings to the apus, offering  to the Pachamama (mother earth), this knowledge is inherit  from their ancestors.

There will also be an assistant guide for groups of 08 people or more.

Group offerings for welcome and prosperity ceremonies.

Lodging in Pacchanta in double rooms

Cook (a): specialized and trained in the preparation of varied and above all delicious and nutritious menus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Complete camping equipment

Food: Complete (breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks, dinner)

Horses to carry all camping gear and personal gear provided

Personal luggage of each participant (Max 8 kilos). (this is checked before the start of the trek)

Emergency Horses, this horse will be meant to be ridden if someone is tired or having trouble keeping up with their team's walk.

 Muleteers: our staff assigned to the handling of cargo and emergency horses.

Food that we will provide will be varied, you will have (Wake-up tea that will be served to the store, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea time missing one hour before dinner, Dinner and Snack every day), Also options for vegans, vegetarians or special menus indicate before the reservation and it will be prepared at no cost.

Drinks: during the trek, hot drinks, coca teas are highly recommended to face the lack of oxygen, boiled water is also provided to fill the bottles every morning (but we recommend that you also take pills to purify and treat the water and be able to replenish in springs or mountain streams)

Cleanliness and hygiene: We will provide hot water every morning to wash your hands and at night alcohol to disinfect due to cold conditions, soaps, etc.

Medical Kit: There will be a medical kit including first aid medicines and emergency oxygen for cases of altitude.

Entrance Tickets: Includes payment of entrance fees during the walk, payment of camps, payment of horses.

Transportation: international flights and internal flights whithin Peru

Food: Does not include the last dinner, alcoholic beverages.

Personal Offerings: If you want to offer to the Apus and Pachamama you can bring your personal offerings.

Travel insurance, gratuities , on your discretion,

additional costs or delays caused by the participant, political instability, lifting of strikes, bad weather conditions, personal expenses, entrance to the Pacchanta hot springs, Hotel in Cusco, trekking poles (for rent for an extra cost $10.

PRICES depend on the number of participants in a route, for reservations you have to pay 50% of the tour to confirm your trip.

Additional Horse: If you have difficulty making the walk at the pace of your team, then you can take this service to ride the entire route. This service has a cost of US$ 30.00 per day.

Personal Tents: The service of the tents is for two explorers, but if you want a personal tent add US$ 5.00 per day.

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