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Combine the biodiverse splendor of the Amazon basin with the wondrous Incan history of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. Explore the Amazon River tributaries and take a guided jungle walk to discover the exotic wildlife and plants, by foot and canoe. Then enjoy one of our Machu Picchu luxury tours, exploring the wonders of this Incan citadel with an experienced guide, before journeying through the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo and the one-time capital of the Incan Empire, Cusco.

Itinerary summary

Day 01 – Transfer in Lima / Overnight – Lima
Day 02 – Flight Lima to Puerto Maldonado / Overnight – Lodge Puerto Maldonado
Day 03 – Lake Sandoval & Canopy Walkway / Overnight Lodge Puerto Maldonado
Day 04 – Amazonian palms / Overnight Lodge Puerto Maldonado
Day 05 – Flight Puerto Maldonado to Cusco / Overnight – Cusco
Day 06 – Private Cusco city tour / Overnight – Cusco
Day 07 – Sacred Valley tour + Lunch / Overnight – Cusco
Day 08 – Luxury Hiram Bingham Train to Machu Picchu / Overnight – Aguas Calientes.
Day 09 – Private Machu Picchu Tour - Day 2 Revisit / Overnight – Cusco
Day 10 – Transfer out Cusco – Lima – depart home

Note: The tours are in a private service, which means, your tour your way since we do
not have a fixed schedule to finish the tour at a certain tim

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Day 1

Time : 12:45 am

Transfer in Lima

Welcome to Peru! Today is a transit day, and after a long flight, you are probably looking forward to a nice meal and some relaxation. The Costa del Sol hotel is located right across the street from the airport and is the best choice for travelers connecting to Cuzco. However, if you arrive to Lima in the early afternoon, you will have the time to make your way to a hotel in the picturesque waterfront district of Miraflores. If you go for this option, one of our representatives will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel.

Day 2

Time : 5:00 am

Lima to Puerto Maldonado

This morning return to the airport for your flight to Puerto Maldonado.
Arrive into Puerto Maldonado, coined the Capital of Biodiversity. Begin your authentic Amazon adventure with a 25-minute boat ride navigating the clay-coloured Madre de Dios River to reach hidden jungle lodge, Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion. Settle into your stylish stilted wooden cabaña or room on our private eco-reserve then head to the palm-thatched Casa Grande dining room for a hearty buffet lunch before exploring the depths of the jungle on foot, starting from the Eco Centre.
Take a walk along the Concepcion Trails, winding through the property’s nature trails for an immersive introduction to the intricate ecosystems of the Amazon basin. Backed by the protected Tambopata National Reserve and built on the grounds of a former cacao and rubber plantation, Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion harbours primary and secondary rainforest teeming with exotic wildlife and tropical plants. At dusk witness the enchanting transformation of the rainforest from a diurnal to a nocturnal environment on a guided Twilight River boat ride, as animals and birds of the daytime give way to species specially adapted to the shadows of the night. See if you can spot caiman lurking on the riverbanks and stars of the southern hemisphere. In the evening enjoy à la carte dining, drawing on local Amazon ingredients for inspiration. Retreat to your cabaña or room to listen to the curious calls and croaks of the rainforest at night.

Day 3

Time : 5:00 am

Lake Sandoval & Canopy Walkway

This morning visit Lake Sandoval, a glassy, ox-bow lake located inside the protected Tambopata National Reserve, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Reached via a sun-dappled jungle trail, Inkaterra explorer guides enjoy regaling visitors with their tales of unexpected encounters with poison frogs and camouflaged creatures. Board a dugout wooden canoe to quietly paddle through mangroves and glide onto Lake Sandoval, flanked by picture-perfect palms. This serene lake is home to thousands of species of birds, the endangered giant river otter, red howler monkeys, red-bellied macaws, anacondas, side-neck turtles and black caimans. Return to Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion in time for lunch. In the afternoon, take a 20-minute boat ride across the Madre de Dios River to climb the exhilarating Inkaterra Canopy Walkway and navigate the Anaconda Walk. The Inkaterra Canopy Walkway is a sophisticated and safe 344 metre (1,135 feet) network of seven ecologically constructed hanging suspension bridges, strung between eight treetop observation platforms above the forest floor. Originally constructed for our non-profit organization, Inkaterra Asociación, to carry out conservation projects, this is an unforgettable opportunity to observe the rainforest from the rooftop and gain a sense of its colossal size. Ascend the first vertiginous tower 38 metres (124 feet) above ground, keeping an eye out for white-throated toucans, woodpeckers, trogons, squirrel monkeys and the three-toed sloth. Back at the base, follow the Anaconda Walk, strolling the seasonally flooded aguajales wetlands on an elevated wooden boardwalk. Come nightfall, under the cover of darkness explore the rainforest on foot as your senses heighten to movements in the undergrowth and the raucous sounds of the rainforest. Back at the lodge, à la carte dinner is served from 19:30.

Day 4

Time : 5:00 am

Amazonian palms

After breakfast in the lodge, discover the rainforest´s tropical plants and their intriguing medicinal uses by local communities by visiting our organic bio-orchard. Later, continue to our 30-hectare Palmetum, a collection of 19 Amazonian palms in a plot reserved for rainforest restoration and conservation. After a tasty lunch in the Casa Grande dining room, enjoy a relaxing paddle boat ride in a dugout canoe on Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion’s oxbow shaped lagoon or cocha. Row out onto the caramel-coloured water to enjoy the scenery and spot hoatzins, fly catchers and graynecked woodrails, perhaps with the sounds of red howler monkeys bellowing in the distance. Get close to the surprising remains of a semi-submerged steamboat in waters that also hide caiman and piranha. Using the practice of catch and release, you can fish for piranha like the local indigenous communities do, using a simple wooden rod

Day 5

Time : 5:00 am

Puerto Maldonado to Cusco

Enjoy your last morning waking to the cacophony of jungle sounds in this unspoilt natural wonderland, as parakeets chatter away in the trees and monkeys swing through the treetops. Breakfast is served in the Casa Grande with check-out at 10:00. Depending on the time of your departure flight today, lunch can also be arranged (additional cost applies). Embark your ready-waiting motorized wooden boat for the 25-minute return trip along the snaking Madre de Dios River. You will make a short visit to a Butterfly House before reaching the airport. Peru boasts the greatest variety of butterflies in the world, with 3,700 known species. Many of these can be seen at the Butterfly House, which serves to showcase the variety, beauty and adaptability of these fascinating insects. Note: Please note that activities and excursions are subject to change depending on weather conditions at the time of your visit


Upon arrival at Cusco, you will be welcomed by one of our representatives, who will be waiting for you outside of the Arrival Hall with a sign with our and your names on it for your approximate 20 minutes private Transfer to your Hotel at Cusco historic center In addition, the assistant will briefly introduce the city and our services while on the way to your hotel. Spend the rest of the day at your leisure.

Day 6

Time : 5:00 am

Private City Tour

This morning, discover Cusco on a city tour that includes the Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas and the Santo Domingo Temple, a Dominican church built on the foundations of the Qoricancha, the Incas’ principal religious building. Listen as a local expert explains how the historic clashes between the Incas and the Spanish played a role in forming today’s Peruvian culture. Later, visit the well-preserved ruins of Sacsayhuaman, a testament to Incan architectural skill. Compiled from colossal stones, the largest of which may weigh as much as 200 tons, the walls were cut and placed together with incredible precision and without a single drop of mortar to hold them in place. This imposing fortress, which witnessed the greatest battle between the Spanish and the Incas.

Day 7

Time : 8:00 am

Private Sacred Valley Tour

Between Cusco and Machu Picchu lies the Sacred Valley of the Incas (Urubamba Valley), home to some of Peru’s most interesting pre-Columbian ruins and attractive colonial towns and villages. While many travelers pass through here en route to Machu Picchu, the valley has become a destination in its own right.
On the tour you will visit:
Pisac Market - A great place to browse woven blankets, tapestries, and alpaca garments such as sweaters and mittens, colorful fabric and accessories are found in abundance at the Pisac market in addition to pottery, jewelry, and other handicrafts.
Woven blankets, tapestries, and alpaca garments such as sweaters and mittens, colorful fabric and accessories are found in abundance at the Pisac market in addition to
pottery, jewelry, and other handicrafts.
Pisa Inca Ruins - It’s not hard to succumb to the charms of sunny Pisac, a bustling colonial village at the base of a spectacular Inca fortress perched on a mountain spur. Its pull is universal and recent years have seen an influx of ex-pats and new age followers in search of an Andean Shangri-La. Located just 33km northeast of Cuzco by a paved road, it’s the most convenient starting point to the Sacred Valley.
Ollantaytambo - After lunch (included), we proceed onto Ollantaytambo an attractive little town located at the western end of the Sacred Valley. The town built on top of original Inca foundations and is the best surviving example of Inca town planning. The town is located at the foot of some spectacular Inca ruins which protected the strategic entrance to the lower Urubamba Valley. The temple area is at the top of
steep terracing which helped to provide excellent defenses.

Day 8

Luxury Hiram Bingham Train to Machu Picchu

  • Champagne Reception
  • Brunch on board.
  • Exclusive Bus return to the citadel of Machu Picchu.
  • Entrance to Machu Picchu.
  • Afternoon tea at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodg

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