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Ayahuasca is a sacred plant. The brew forms the foundation of spirituality, of
shamanism, of traditional medicine, and of the indigenous worldview. Each
ceremony with the AYA mother has learning and a process of understanding. Taking
ayahuasca can be an experience of four to five intense hours from the spiritual,
emotional, mental, and physical aspects.

First, it depends on the state of mind.

It helps a lot to meditate, to explore your fears, your uncertainties, your strengths,
and to approach your spiritual essence.
The stillness of the mind and the security of the feelings must go according to the
physical condition. Try to rest those two weeks. Avoid the required exercises. Go
for a walk or jog gently, make slow movements. Breathe deeply every moment.
Recharge yourself to stop eating or “taste” the foods that often make you “feel
good”. The body, mind, spirit, and heart have to be purified. Leave opiates,
amphetamines, cocaine, and antidepressants. Do not use marijuana. No alcohol.
Lower the dose of cigarettes. Avoid eating meat. Save sexual abstinence, including
Contemplate the end of the night and the beginning of the new day. Let cool and
put the liquid in a container to drink. Have a cup of oatmeal with a couple of toasts.

At lunchtime, a cream of vegetables. Take the lemon water at every moment.
Sleep, sleep all afternoon.
Not everyone can take Ayahuasca. If you have heart conditions, if you suffer from
fainting or have diabetes, it is advisable not to take Ayahuasca.
States of Consciousness Provoked by the Aya
Some of the connection states, mystical and spiritual, provoked by the Ayahuasca

  1. The contents of forgotten or repressed experiences return to consciousness as a true revive.
  2. Magical religious experience. – Ascension to heaven (to the divine) through a spiritual recognition.
  3. A transcendental experience that increases receptivity and mystical communion with the entire universe.
  4. Astral travel, transmigration, or pilgrimage of the soul outside the physical body.
  5. Super cosmic consciousness, omniscient intellectual illumination.
  6. Expression of brain functions, daily numbness, sharpening of the senses, intense memory, exhaustive analysis, development of intuition.
  7. Animation of extra sensorial faculties. – Telepathic, clairvoyant, precognitive manifestations, and entrance into the divine context.
  8. Increased awareness. – The liberation of the spirit to raise awareness and knowledge to higher levels and perspectives.
  9. Awareness of the body, its processes, and movements, greater capacity for relaxation, health and wellbeing, vitality, and energy.
  10. Overcoming interpersonal difficulties. – Acceptance, tolerance, and respect for others. – Ability to forgive and to be grateful.
  11. Ability to trust others and to be sincere.
  12. Greater interpersonal awareness: empathy and kindness. – Improvement of couple and family relationships. It allows the connection with our “inner guide”.

The Ayahuasca Ceremonies

People sit in a semicircle on either side of the Shaman.
Now we have to wait in darkness and extreme silence for the effects of Aya to
appear. They usually do it at 20min. in the natives and about 45 min. in white
As time goes by, the shaman guides the energy of the patients through the powerful
song of their Icarus.
The shaman can raise or lower the patient’s dizziness at will as needed.

  • The smoke of the Tobacco.
  • Icarus.
  • Florida water.
  • Camphor.
  • Lemon.
  • The imposition of hands.

Scientific Information

Popular Name: Yagé, Nixi, Pae, Dapa, Pinde, Bejuco Bravo, Ayahuasca, And
Variety: Fam. Malpighiaceae.
The inflorescence is multiflora; the flowers are small and pink.
Habitat: The Amazon rainforest.
Geographical Scope: Amazon of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, and Brazil.
The chemical formula is C13H14N2O).
Effect: Entheogenic. It can cause nausea and diarrhea.
Intake: Oral. It has a bitter taste.

What Should You Expect After a Session with Ayahuasca?

Sure, the shaman will talk to you and will complement the teachings that the Ay
Mother Plant offered you. You must not despair, do not enter the vicious circle of
interpretation, do not pretend to understand.
Follow the advice of the shaman, he knows the Mother Plant and what you need to
know. The Mother Plant has taken care of you. The plant has told you things as
they are and what you should do, has advised you. The Doctor Plant has healed
your body and your conscience, you have reconciled.
Within all that set of experiences (visions and thoughts), some things will be
incomprehensible for a long time. Do not worry, there is no hurry. Follow him; do
not lose sight of him with insubstantial actions or self-complacent retractions.
Speak through Her, do through her. There are those who after the session with
Ayahuasca enclose their revelations on the anecdotal level. It is better to save your
experience with Ayahuasca for yourself, not everyone can understand it.
Breathe, calm. Remember the advice of the Master Plant and follow them.
Remember the shaman’s recommendations and follow them. There is no fear, there
is no joy, and things are the way they are.

What we offer

  • Private experiences.
  • Comfortable ceremonial center.
  • Masters of the ceremony of the Peruvian jungle and the Andes.
  • Tourist guide who speaks English to translate the whole experience.
  • 6 glasses of volcanic water of San Pedro de Cacha.
  • 1 Ayahuasca Ceremonies “Transcendental and transformational”
  • Floral bath ceremonies [One].
  • Coca reading “01 Consultations”
  • Offering to Mother Nature “01 Pachamama”
  • Cleaning of negative energies [One]
  • Meals: snacks and fresh fruit
  • Hot Herbal Tea available all-day
  • Orientation meeting about Ayahuasca and the ceremonies.
  • Integration discussions in the mornings after ceremonies.
  • Transportation to and from the retreat.

What to bring – Ayahuasca Retreat Cusco

  • Lightweight long-sleeved shirts
  • Jogging suit
  • Footwear & sandals
  • Water bottle
  • Personal towel
  • Flashlight / or preferably headlamp with red signal
  • Sunscreen, Insect repellent.
  • Reading & writing materials.
  • Rain gear, Hat


Day 1

Private Ayahuasca Retreat Cusco 1 Day

Trip Details.
Duration: 1D
Tour Style: Spiritual
Recommended group size: Between 1 to 12 people
Starting Point:Cusco
Ending Point: Cusco
Physical Level: Easy
Departures: Everyday

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